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Sustainable Enterprise, committed with people and with the environment

We believe that the world can be a better place if we all cooperate together through awareness of people and the power of change.

We collaborate in several projects with the aim of improving the quality of life of people who lack resources and we bet on a philosophy of a sustainable and compromised enterprise with the management and respect for the environment.

IT Consulting
Sustainable Enterprise
Happy smiles from Bombay

We have collaborated in a project developed for the schooling of 2300 kids from the Slums of the north of Bombay. The aim of this program was to achieve that kids aged between 2 and 6 were introduced into a school environment, by providing to them daily complete and balanced meals on one hand and an hygienic control extended also to their families on the other hand.

Sustainable Enterprise
Vicente Ferrer

In the Red Sanitaria project accessible to all we take part in the training given, in basic medicine, to 37 people to provide cover to kids, expectant mothers, elderly persons, people affected by chronic diseases or births.

We’ve furthermore taken part in the project “Un lugar digno para las familias”, contributing to the building of 24 homes. Apart from participating in the Nutritional program, where we provide basic nourishments for a healthy diet in kids, pregnant women and elderly people.

Sustainable Enterprise
Oxfam Trailwalker Intermon

The water Bankproject in ethiopian districts from Oxfam Intermon simply took our breath away. A sporting and caring challenge where teams made up of 4 participants go through 100 km in a maximum period of 36 hours, with the aim of fighting against poverty. Qualita has at first cooperated with the Pfizer Animal Health team, but in the past edition we have furthermore decided to take part in the challenge with our own team, made up of workers from the same Qualita.

Albert Bosch Founding

We collaborate with the research and investigation focused on finding medical, biomedical and surgical solutions to childhood diseases.

Qualita and Sport

We have faith in team working and in the uncountable values that it represents: unity, compromise, collective and individual effort, cooperation…

Our contribution in sport is shown throughout the sponsorship of an indoor football team on one side and of Berlin’s marathon on the other.

Sustainable Enterprise
Sustainable Growth

Growing in a sustainable manner is something undoubtedly crucial to us, due to the fact that we seriously care about reducing our environmental footprint. With our electronic signature solution, directed to sustainable businesses, named Send2sign we prevent the enormous consumption of 15.600 paper sheets annually. In other words, we’ve quit using 98 Kg of wood and 2 liters of water during an entire year.