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We take a chance on innovation and change

Make the most of your business with Digital Transformation

Thanks to new collaborations with strategic partners who lead highly accepted business models with wide display in organizations, we are able to tout consulting in digital transformation based on brand-new tendencies and technologies to our customers.

We have a department specialized in Digital Transformation, we analyze your need and propose the best solution.

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How do we develop it?

By means of the analysis and improvement of processes affiliated with the Digital Transformation concept. Process optimization VS Digitalization.

To do so, we have fostered new partnerships with strategic manufacturers who pioneer largely accepted business models with a vast deployment in organizations, such as Microsoft by means of our active Intelekta.

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Software Factory

Site, web applications and mobile development

Innovation has become a fundamental pillar in all companies, especially those of a technological nature. We help you develop your ideas quickly and under the Agile Methodology.

Discover the numerous technologies that we make use of

Front End
Back End
Digital transformation consulting
Digital transformation consulting


The ultimate management software for your digital and electronic signture.

Send2sign is the cloud app that allows you to handle each and every of your electronic and digital signatures, whenever and wherever you desire.

Thanks to the onboarding with the VIDsigner electronic multicanal signature service, coming from our Validated ID partner, you will manage to sign electronically whichever type of document.

Discover Send2sign

Biometric Signature

Handwritten digitized signature designed for the electronic signature of documents in on-site surroundings.

Remote Signature

Allows the signing of documents from whichever device without the need of carrying out any previous installation.

Centralized Signature

Optimal for working environments that accrue large amounts of documentation.

Stamper Signature

Automatic process built for those unassisted processes such as the electronic facture emissions.

Relish the free Sens2sign version

In the course 14 days sending your business information, you will receive an email with all of the required data for finally forgetting about the face-to-face and the physical documents.

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Official Microsoft Partner

Boost your business with Microsoft’s solutions

Digital transformation consulting

We promote the model as a Low Code paradigm and the Citizen Developer figure, which come along with our valuable proposal with gentle, rapid inversion return and barely no coding solutions.

With Intelekta you dispose of the entire solutions you might require for an agile and optimal management. Bring the new technologies together in your day to day and step up your business.

We count on an outstanding team made by professionals in this area, with more than 15 years of experience in Microsoft’s solutions and technologies.

Dynamics 365 ERP

Mixed Reality

Dynamics 365 CRM

Power Platform

Artificial Intelligence


Business Central

Discover Intelekta

Work with the best

At Qualita we are Oracle Gold Partner with more than 15 years of experience.

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If you wish to receive a personalized study for your case, contact our team of advisers and we will carry out a personalized study without obligation.

Technological consulting.