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JD Edwards

A big second to none connected platform: Machines, individuals and processes.

Orchestrator gives you the chance to increase effectiveness in your operating and incomes and, simultaneously, greatly decrease costs. Automate tasks, easily put Orchestrator together with other systems or even use it as an interface between IoT devices and JD Edwards applications. Discover your ERP’s astonishing transformation with Orchestrator and convert the data into information and more productive actions for your business.

JDE Orchestrator

Compile, Filter, analyse, and act on data in real times.

Seize the internet of things

Orchestrator allows devices and machines with loT to convert in users from applications of EnterpriseOne. Every time data is sent to the orchestrations, the JD Edwards system maintains itself updated and precise without the need of human intervention. This makes it much easier to maintain data instantly updated and to be fully precise.

Simplified development of Orchestrations

Orchestrator Studio grants to a business analyst, who deeply understands field operations and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne’s applications, to create, try and implement orchestrations. Analysts can additionally capture clue processes by only registering the required steps while using EnterpriseOne’s apps.

Advantages of digital economy

Orchestrator also integrates with external systems and services located in the cloud, a fact that allows its EnterpriseOne system to send and receive data for entrepreneurial integrated processes.

Lower degree of human involvement

Organizing processes leads to extreme automatization, external systems and devices integration and fewer repetitive and boring work for people. Reduced errors and expenses as well as improved data. This increases all of your inversion’s value regarding JD Edwards, which leads to optimized operations, clearer analysis and an increase in productivity.

Features and characteristics of JD Edwards Orchestrator

JDE Integration


JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator supports various integrations with cloud services, third-party applications, custom programs, and much more.

JDE Administration

System administration

Using Orchestrator’s ability to make external calls to a REST API, you will be able to create orchestrations, automations and implement processes for greater supervision of your ERP.

JDE Data Capture

Data Capture

Increase the value of your assets, operations, projects, services and supply chain with real-time data collection. It will allow you to extend the value to the assets of your company.

JDE notifications


Stay connected to real-time information about your business wherever you are, with alerts from JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator.

JDE Process Automation

Process automation

Eliminate manual tasks completely. It grants a high level of process automation allowing users, devices and the system to cooperate digitally.

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