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Oracle Cloud Computing

Increased agility, scalability and flexibility with Cloud Computing

Migrate your IT infrastructure to Oracle Cloud Computing and completely forget about investing in databases, softwares or teams enormous quantities of resources. Access your infrastructure by means of the internet and pay uniquely for what you consume.

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Cloud Computing types

Transfer your IT infrastructure to a data center maintained by Oracle, out of the local surrounding. Access rapidly to each and every of your resources from whichever device, without being forced to carry out large investments in infrastructure and paying uniquely for what you need.
Public Cloud

The entire IT is found in the suppliers’ cloud installations and several tenants share the infrastructure. The customer has no need of maintaining its own technologies and is absolutely able to quickly include a greater number of users or a higher power if required.

Private Cloud

For an organization’s exclusive use. It is capable of lodging whether in the local surrounding of the organization’s location or in the cloud supplier’s database.
The private cloud provides a higher level of security and control.

Hybrid Cloud

It turns out to be a combination between private and public clouds. Generally, customers lodge their essential applications in their own servers for greater security and control, and secondary apps are stored by them in the surrounding of a cloud supplier.

Multicloud enclosing

Comprises the use of multiple Cloud Computing devices and the storage in an individual architecture. The customer is able to own a combination of services such as software enclosures (SaaS), platforms (PaaS) and infrastructures (IaaS).

Types of services in the cloud

Software as a service (SaaS)

SaaS is a software’s model of implementation where the cloud supplier lodges the applications coming from the customer, who is able to access its apps by means of the Internet. Instead of needing to acquire and maintain its own infrastructure, the customer is greatly benefited from the subscription to a pay for use service.

SaaS Oracle’s solution is ideal for enterprises, on the grounds that it allows them to rapidly get under way with the most innovative technology existing today.

  • Automatic updates reduce the internal resources burden.
  • Customers have the chance to expand or minimize the services depending on the work burdens fluctuations, summing more services or functions during their growth.
  • A suit of services in the modern cloud provides complete software for whichever business needs, such as the customer’s experience, ERP acquisitions, management of the projects ERP portfolio, supply chain and entrepreneurial planning.

Platform as a service (PaaS)

PaaS offers to the customers the advantage of accessing the required developer’s tools to create and manage mobile and web applications without having the need to invest or maintain the underlying infrastructure.

The provider lodges the infrastructure and middleware’s components, and the customer approaches those services through a web navigator.

  • To improve productivity, Oracle’s PaaS solution offers programming components ready to use that grant to developers the chance to incorporate new characteristics in their apps, with innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (IA), chatbots, blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) included.
  • Comprises workarounds for analysts, final users and IT professional administrators, from which the analytical ones are included.

JDE Integration

Cloud computing advantages

  • Greater innovation, productivity and cost reduction.
  • Brand new applications and services with Al, IoT, Blockchain or Chatbots.
  • Better outcomes with predictive information by means of the data.
Oracle cloud computing

Full Solutions in the cloud

  • Modular suite of apps with performance connected to your business.
  • Complete and integrated platform with clever remedies in each phase.
  • Greater thrift and agility with the elimination of complexity, human mistakes and manual administration with Oracle Autonomous Database.
JD Edwards Orchestrator

Confidence and Security

  • Brush off any problem and the cost of maintaining the IT security.
  • Designed to be safe in each of the pile’s layers.
  • It provides you the security that your enterprise really requires.

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