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ERP, CRM and E-Commerce: Oracle’s solution in the cloud

NetSuite is a business system hosted in the cloud

You will be able to fully take control of your operations from whichever department: finances, sales, purchases, production or marketing. The handling of your ERP, CRM and e-commerce all together under the same system, increasing this way control and precision of your entire actions.

Discover Oracle Netsuite
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Oracle Netsuite is the ERP software hosted in the cloud, and the one that allows the management of resources and back-end processes in enterprises.

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A greater control of your company from any place

Oracle NetSuite enables you to have a greater grip on your business from anywhere and any department: production, distribution, sales or CRM.

With Netsuite you will be capable of detecting the very first contacts, subscribers, qualified leads and customers. The second to none solution that offers the visibility and control required to make the most suitable decisions.


Integrated flexibility, which allows you to make whatever you desire in a quick and simple way.

ERP is completely ready for commerce. A commercial system directed to the customer with a customized experience for every user.

Native entrepreneurial intelligence. The analysis in real time turns out to be the user interface of NetSuite.

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The undeniably greatest option for a surrounding of apps of critical missions where safety and high availability is required without any loss of service.

In Qualita we distribute and offer an all-inclusive service for the assessment, license sale, implementation and technical support.

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