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Safeguard and optimize your business

Optimize and take care of your business with Oracle’s SPARC servers

The infrastructure made with SPARC Oracle’s servers is the truly best option for a surrounding formed by applications of critical mission where security and high availability is required but without any loss of service. A processor created for large loads and with a smaller latency on peaks of activity or users at the same time.

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Oracle SPARC

SPARC is the ideal technology to work as a reference for enterprises located in non-stop working enclosures such as hospitals, emergency services or airports. It has just been designed specifically for the most complex business systems.

Security, availability and scalability are key for any company in the current context of systemic change in which the alarm is also growing at the apparent vulnerability of some key systems on which high-value activities have been built.

Main characteristics

Availability: It’s the technology used as a reference in the globally most delicate and critical activity surroundings.

Performance: Supports a large volume of cargo. Withstands a wide burden of volume. While with Intel x86 30 processors are required, with SPARK we will uniquely need to make use of 1.

Security: Encrypted data thus stopping the maximum difficulty for the possible entry of hackers.

Profitability: a lower volume of purchase of components is required, since it is not necessary to buy several. SPARC has 32 Core while Intel only has 15.

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