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qImplanta, a safe path and without turns

A unique and inimitable methodology

Agile methodologies

Functioning, developing and monitoring of each and every implanting processes about entrepreneurial solutions.

We have a wide experience with regard to the implementation of entrepreneurial management solutions and, as a result of each one of these years, we have developed our own implementation methodology, which is known by us as qImplanta.

This methodology is complemented by a highly qualified human team, dedicated to the implementation of the diverse solutions our solution portfolio disposes of.

It includes every single aspect related to a commercial opportunity, and consequently, not only does it collect the implementation phases than it furthermore compiles the specific and previous activities from the selling process.

qImplanta allows us to make sure since the commercial phase, the approximate time and expense it will be dedicated to the project.

By means of the qProject, a product belonging to Qualita, we can computerize the internal work’s methodology, from commercial and administrative management to the very own consultants, translating itself into several improvements referring to procedure and quality.

With qProject you can ameliorate data integration, access to instant requests and gain a major control within scheduled days in projects.

Agile methodologies

Advantages of working with qImplanta

  • This method doesn’t only fulfill the project’s implementation fases, as its coverage begins with the commercial and pre-sales phase, and it moreover finds its continuity in the maintenance operations.
  • This methodology is born from real experiences about the implementation of entrepreneurial management of solutions within different activity sectors, as well as within organisations and enterprises that vary in size.
  • This method also contains components that have been consolidating the methodology and functionalities not covered by the standard all over the years.

Implementation Phases that qImplanta is composed by


RFP, product demonstration, project proposal and acceptance.


Preparation of the infrastructure and installation of the components.


Analysis, configuration, presentation and unitary proves.


Integrated proves simulating a start-up.


Setting in motion in a real surrounding and veriicaction of all the processes.

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Agile methodologies
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