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Proud of forming a second to none team

Great professionals standing by your side

qteam digital transformation

We opt for communicative, solidary, curious, cheerful, productive and respectful minds.

If you feel defined by these qualities,
we would love to get to know you!

We are in times of digital revelation, and, consequently, in a non-stop search for talent. We are professionals with wide and proven experience, which we target in a higher apportation of quality and service in each and every project in which we take part in.

Working with us can be simultaneously challenging and fulfilling. In Qualita we enjoy working by teams and learning from each other. We want to grow with you, and, naturally, that you grow with us too.

Digital transformation consulting

#GenteQualita, our value proposal

  • We are an international team composed by 80 highly qualified experts, which work in an unbeatable growing and innovative surrounding.
  • We’re committed to constructing a mutual trusted relationship between our professionals and the company, leading out to a smooth, relaxed and nearby relation.
  • We highly care about the professional growth of our team, and we foster this by means of individualized coaching; as well as team coaching, running evaluations and be spoked formations.
  • We are so lucky for being able to rely on second to none installations, located in a preferred surrounding where color green is the most eye-catching one in the Natural Parc of Collserola.
  • We implement teleworking, flexible schedules and intensive working on Fridays as measures of familiar conciliation.
  • We believe in team spirit, and due to this we raise the relations between the workers, allowing them to feel they are part of our big family, by organising suppers, speeches and social activities.

Main departments of our organization


It is the department in charge of the development, implementation and analysis of all our products.

Technical support

The great team of professionals and technicians who give 24-hour support to all our clients.


This department is made up of a group of experts who analyse the needs and solutions of the clients.


The financial department carries out and supervises all the procedures related to the economic part.


They are the advisors and consultants who specialize in analyzing and finding the best solutions for our clients. A commitment to quality, time and cost.


We present our products to current and potential customers through marketing resulting from our knowledge of new sectoral trends.


It is the team dedicated to ensuring relations between all employees and forming strong and motivated teams.

We are waiting for you!

If you want to be part of Qualita’s professional team, do not hesitate to send us your professional CV to

If you want to be part of Qualita’s professional team, do not hesitate to send us your professional CV to here.

Technological consulting.