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send2sign: The Solution for the Digital Signature Management Process that protects your own identity and the environment

We created our Solution to ease the Digital Signature Process for the documents you need to validate during your everyday tasks. This tool allows the signature from several staff members that belong to your company or for those who work in other businesses.  It’s a very easy instrument that will ease up the signature processes of all types of documents such as new contracts, purchase documents, application forms, credit applications and more. To sign a Word, Excel, Power Point o PDF has never been so easy. send2sign has been created for companies and IT Systems that need automate and simplify the tasks.

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  • Automates and improves the signature process

  • Reduce the paper use and moderates the environmental impact

  • Decrease the space allocated for the collection of documents

  • Transforms the signature in to an Electronic process

  • Maximizes the control: Simplifies and unifies the signature process and registers the status of each document

  • Signature with legal validation

Discover 3 different Digital Signature Types

The Biometric Signature

The Biometric option offer a digitized handwritten signature designed for the electronic signature of documents in face-to-face enviroments. In order to guarantee the authenticity of the signature, and, therefore, the identity of the author, special tablets are used to collect the pressure that the author does while signing, as well as other relevant data (speed, signature time…) Besides, the Biometric signature can be validated by a professional calligrapher. This signature automatically generates a PDF document that includes the signatures of all authors related to the actual document. The Biometric signature has been designed for both office use and mobility solutions, for example: inspections, home visits and social services

The Remote Signature

The Remote Signature allows you to sign documents from any device (PC, Tablet or Smartphone) without having to perform any previous installation. To guarantee the identity of the signer, the system sends an automatic e-mail to the author electronic mail. Once the signer initiates the signature process, he receives a numeric code on his mobile phone (OTP signature code also known as Business Key). This occurs when the receiver signs and introduces the SMS code on the platform, in order to confirm its acceptance. Finally, the document is signed.
The Remote Firm is ideal for companies that require a safe and simple way to obtain signatures by personnel external to the organization. This system has been conceived for those companies that seek to streamline processes without compromising the legal security.

The Centralized Signature

The Centralized Signature is perfect for those work environments that accumulate large volumes of documentation. It is the digital signature for multi-devices, that stores certificates securely using Cloud Services. To use the Centralized Signature it is mandatory to have a personal digital certificate, this would be stored at Dedicated Cloud Services. In Spain you can find a variety of different Certification Services Providers such as CamerfirmaVintegris o la FNMT. This certificate would be saved on an HSM server and can be used to sign from any device (mobile, tablet or computer). This type of signature can have the legal status of an advanced or qualified signature depending on the entity that holds the signature keys, and the use of one or more authentication factors to activate the key. With the Centralized Signature service, the signer decides if he or she wants to sign the documents one by one or only once.

Integrating ViDSigner

At Qualita we know that the Document signing management is a difficulty for many companies, therefore, we have decided to become partners with Validated ID,  to offer the benefits off they multi-channel signature service ViDSigner. In our platform, send2sign, we integrate ViDSigneror the Digital Signature Process Management, with an intuitive and pleasant interface that facilitates the process of signing thanks to ViDSigner’s integrated service.

Save cost, gain peace of mind

Normativa Europea Signatura Digital
Normativa Europea Signatura Digital

The (EU) Regulation 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services (EIDAS) has modified the services of third parties.

Our partner ViDSigner is configured as a trustworthy service as far as eIDAS is concerned, since it obtains qualified signatures in the appropriate contexts.

ViDSigner facilitates electronic transactions carried out not only between different countries of the EU, but also at the rest of the world.

The signatures made with ViDSigner show unbeatable evidence that serves as proof of the identity of the signatory.

Sign while making sure you get a Legal Validity

We use international standards in all technological steps. This is key, since it guarantees that the signed documents will be self-contained and valuable over time. This means, that you don’t need to be in contact with a provider or a lender that intervened in the period of its formalization

PAdES-LT (Long Term Signature) guarantees that once the signatures are made, the documents will be validated in the long term, by any person and with absolute independence of the provider.

Normativa ISO Send2Sign

The ISO standard defines how to collect and encode the biometric data of a handwritten signature on a digital device (mobile, tablet or computer).

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